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Estate & Lifetime Planning

Ensure your wishes are known to your family and give them the comfort that your estate is planned.
Our aim is to give you more than just papers. We help you develop a plan that you understand and can confidently implement.

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Planning Packages

Depending on the client's goals and circumstances, a typical planning package includes wills and lifetime planning documents. Some planning strategies will also employ the use of trusts.

  •  Will

  •  Trusts

  •  General Power of Attorney

  •  Medical Power of Attorney

  • Advance Directive for Medical Treatment (Living Will)

  • HIPAA Authorization for Release of Medical Information

  • Statement of burial and ceremonial wishes

We also help people with a variety of other planning tools, as well as coordinating their business planning with their estate planning. For those with animals in their lives, such as horses or pets, we can assist with planning for their care when you are unable to care for them, including trusts specifically for your animals.


Our Process

  1. You and an attorney have a 10-15 minute free initial call to discuss what you are looking for, after which we will send you a planning worksheet. 

  2. Armed with the completed worksheet, we then meet together for a free 1-hour strategy meeting where we complete an asset review, discuss estate and lifetime planning, your goals, and map out a plan.

  3. We get to work and develop your estate plan, collaborate with you, and counsel you on how it works as it all comes together. 

  4. We then coordinate the formal signing process and provide you with your completed plan!

How much does it cost?

A typical planning package depends on the nature and complexity of an individual's needs. Planning packages generally start at $1,050 for individuals and $1,900 for couples. Actual cost can vary upward either nominally or significantly depending on the type of estate plan you need and choose, such as planning for dependents and with trusts.


Don't let nervousness about the subject matter or uncertainty about the process get in the way of doing what you know you need to do for your family. We are here to help and happy to talk. Click the "Schedule a Consult" button below. There is no cost to start the conversation!

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