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Estate planning:
"Margrit is knowledgeable, diligent, and strategic. She is approachable and a skilled listener.  Margrit takes the time to discuss issues allowing me to make informed choices. Margrit’s personal attention to my needs was outstanding."

"We truly appreciated the exceptional guidance and detail during our estate planning process. Margrit was able to answer all our questions and brought to light options we had never considered. Lent Parker Law is very detailed, professional and thorough. I highly recommend anyone needing legal services to contact Margrit."

"Margrit's work has been amazing! She is incredibly smart and efficient. She is a skillful writer and problem solver. Her ability to see things from multiple perspectives is remarkable. Through our work I have learned so much about myself as a small business owner and an employer. I am certain we will have a long term relationship.​"

"Keeping our organization open during COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult and prompted many legal questions and needs. Attorney Margrit Parker promptly responded to my emails and followed up with a phone calls. I greatly appreciated her assistance, attention to detail and compassion to understand our industry needs during this very difficult reopening phase."

Litigation, license defense, attorney grievances:
"Ms. Parker was my attorney in a complex litigation case. I found her to be responsive, attentive, professional and knowledgeable about the factual issues and the law. I have been a litigator in both state and federal court for over 45 years and I would recommend Ms. Parker for litigation.” - Attorney client

"Margrit went above and beyond to successfully advocate for us. From the first moments of our engagement, she was extremely responsive and able to offer us a calm approach during what were very turbulent times facing a claim from a former client. A seasoned professional, Margrit's defense strategy was executed with both empathy and a razor-sharp understanding of the process. She was able to bring reassurance to our team and, ultimately, successful results in the final agency decision." - Attorney client

"As an attorney, you hope you never end up in Court unless it's a case where you're representing one of the parties. When I was unexpectedly called as a witness in a civil case to testify about some of my professional work, Margrit from Lent Parker Law was an immense help in making sure I felt prepared to testify. She was always on-time, up-to-date on the latest details of the trial, and incredibly responsive when I had any questions or concerns. We happened to meet just before the beginning of the pandemic, and she adjusted seamlessly to Zoom calls instead of in-person meetings when the circumstances required it. As a fellow attorney, I have no reservations about recommending Margrit to anyone, and hope I have the opportunity to do so outside of an Internet review someday." - Attorney client

"You do good, efficient work. . . . Thanks to Margrit for her excellent work on this matter." - Claim professional

"Thank you again for your help [with the deposition and trial testimony]- that was pretty stressful for me and I always hate being under scrutiny.  You really helped me get through that process in a nice way." - Attorney client

"Thanks again for your excellent work on the brief."

"Fantastic job! Your brief tracks very well and is exceedingly persuasive." 

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