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What Exactly is "Equine Law"?

Updated: Jan 30

Picture of a horse

I enjoyed writing this article for Law Practice Today and thought you would enjoy reading it. Here's a short excerpt and link to read more.

"When I say to people that I practice 'equine law,' this often invokes a common response: 'What was that word you just

said?' When I rephrase, 'I work with folks in the horse industry,'

the question that follows is, 'How interesting! But what is it you do, exactly?' This is my favorite part of the conversation. I get to explain the wonderful world of equine law, made up of attorneys who love serving the horse industry with all its facets and foibles, and the reach and importance of equine legal practice."

Keep reading here.

Margrit Lent Parker practices law in Firestone providing estate planning and business legal services. After over a decade of commuting to Denver, she is thrilled to now be filling a need by serving the Carbon Valley community where she lives with her husband and young son. When not helping clients, Margrit is outside with her family, whether enjoying the great outdoors or gardening at home.


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